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By J.D. ZUMWALT, in National, Opinion

So – Our Congress (the branch of government that represents the people) is about to go on vacation before they can fix the mess in the Veterans Administration. Go on vacation? How does anyone campaign to go to Washington to represent us, tell us how much they care, tell us how hard they will fight […]

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By J.D. Zumwalt, in National, Opinion

I will not tell you that the members of our executive and legislative branches are idiots. I will tell you that it would be easy for an outsider to come to that conclusion. For years we have listened to our leaders argue about the best way to take care of the problem on the border. […]

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How Much Is That Toothpick In The Window?

By Rhoda Alben-Aronson, in Arts

“How much is this?” I was holding a small glass object in the shape of a top hat in my hand, turning it slowly as the dim light reflected off its facets. I was in a much cluttered garage, the assortment of junk it held was almost overwhelming, and I was asking the owner his […]

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“California, Here I Come…”

By Herbert Rogoff, in Arts

Relatives of mine, along with friends, after reading each of my articles that have appeared on this website, have always marveled at my ability to retain so many events that took place years ago. I must admit to you that while I have been able to recall successfully the mixed bag of human beings who […]

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By David H. Edmunds, in National, Opinion

The recent prisoner swap of Army Sergeant Bergdahl for 5 Taliban mass murderers has received bipartisan criticism from both Republican and Democratic elected officials. It has also generated a lot of negative backlash among the general population and has been widely panned by many in the mainstream media. This trade, negotiated by the Obama administration, […]

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Okay, the first thing you should know is that this is not a story about agriculture. One of the hit songs of 1964, included in the lyrics, ‘Summer’s here and the time is right for dancing in the street.’ Indeed, Martha and the Vandellas had it pegged right with their big seller, “Dancing In the […]

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The new politician is a spin merchant with the incredible talent to never make a mistake and the ability to shift responsibility for failure to someone else. The new politician is supported by one or more special interest groups who have little concern for the cumulative public good and live by the old fashioned saw […]

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On the afternoon of Wednesday, May 14th, as President Obama disembarked from Air Force One at JFK airport in New York, he was greeted by Governor Andrew Cuomo. They quickly transferred to Marine One, the presidential helicopter, which would transport them to an abandoned General Motors landing site in Sleepy Hollow, NY, from which they […]

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